Our History


Making Canada Our Home

In 2011, “Ko” immigrated to Toronto with her Canadian husband, Donald. Since then, she’s brought her authentic Thai cuisine, and peaceful, warm spirit to some of the best restaurants in the city. Now Chef Ko brings authentic Thai cuisine, characterized by its distinct fiery spiciness, to Isaan Der.


Don, Ko and our son, Pete

It all began in Thailand

Before becoming a chef, Chatsuda, affectionately known as ‘Ko’, was a journalist for  Channel 7 BBTV News for over 15 years. During that time, she travelled across the country and experienced authentic Thai cuisine at some of the best fine dining restaurants and rustic rural villages.

Through her travels across Thailand, Ko fell in love with the distinct flavours and spices of each province. “When you hear the music of the wok, you want to jump in,” she says of her passion for the cuisine.

Inspired to learn how to recreate these culinary wonders, Ko studied Professional Thai cooking and Thai restaurant management at Kasetsart University. Later, she completed Thailand’s top Five-Star hotel cooking program at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel.